The farmer and his three sons story in english with moral

Learn the importance of unity in the story of the farmer and his sons.Discover how the farmer's clever lesson shows the power of working together.


The story of the farmer and his sons teaches us the importance of unity. The farmer's three sons always fought with each other, but the farmer's clever lesson showed them the power of working together.

The farmer and his three sons short story
The farmer and his sons story 

A farmer and his three sons story in English with moral 

 Once there was  an old farmer who lived in a village. He had three  sons. They always quarreled with one another. The farmer was very worried. He wanted to see them united.

 He decided to teach them a lesson. One day he brought a bundle of sticks and asked them to break it. They tried their best but could not succeed. Then the farmer untied the bundle. He told them to break the sticks one by one. They succeeded in breaking the sticks easily

The farmer said to them, "Union is strength. When the sticks were united in the form of a bundle, you coutd not break them. When they were separated, you broke them easily." The farmer's sons understood the importance of union.They began to live in peace.

Moral of the story:

  1. Union is strength 
  2. United we stand and divided we fall


Success comes from our ability to work together as a team, not just our individual strengths. The story of the farmer and his three sons reminds us of this important lesson.

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