Responsibilities of Youth summary in English

Class 11 English chapter 1 Responsibilities of Youth summary-Responsibilities of Youth chapter 1 questions and answers-


Class 11 English chapter 1 Responsibilities of Youth summary

Responsibilities of Youth summary

In his convocation address to the outgoing students, the Quaid-e-Azam at first thanks the Vice Chancellor and then congratulates the students for getting diplomas and degrees. 

The Quaid-e-Azam tells the students that after completion of their education they are entering practical life in an independent state with heart and soul. Now they must work as a united and disciplined nation. They must develop constructive spirit rather than militant spirit. He tells the youth that during independence the enemy mercilessly killed millions of Muslims at the time of migration. 

It is still in search of opportunities to create more and more problems for Pakistan. He advises them to remain vigilant in such circumstances and fail the evil designs of the enemy. He also advises them to be fair to themselves, their parents and the state and prepare themselves for the future battle of life. 

The Quaid-e-Azam further tells the students that they should pay full attention to their studies. He further tells them that they should keep themselves aware of the enemies. In this way they can assist in solving the great social and economic problems of Pakistan. They must detect the traitors among their ranks and root them out. Moreover, they must change their way of thinking about jobs.

 They should divert their attention from becoming government servants towards new channels and fields in the private sector such as banking, commerce, law etc. that are open to them. They should also learn skills and get technical education so that they are able to prove themselves an asset and a source of pride to their country. 

Responsibilities of Youth summary

Responsibilities of Youth chapter 1 questions and answers

Why does the Quaid stress on youth to be continuous! vigilant?

The Quaid stresses on youth to be continuously vigilant to protect their new born state of Pakistan. He asks them to be vigilant because he knows that the enemies of Pakistan both inside and outside the country are in search of opportunities to harm their beloved state. He advises them to keep an eye on such elements and be not exploited by them for the fulfillment of their evil designs. 

What according to the Quaid is the prime responsibility of youth? 

According to the Quaid, the prime responsibility of youth is

(1) They must work as a united and  disciplined nation. 

(2) They must be constructive in criticism of their own government. 

(3) They should pay full attention to their studies and in this way prepare themselves for future responsibilities. 

(4) They must keep themselves aware of the evil designs of the enemies both inside and outside the country.

 (5) They must be fair to themselves, their parents and their country.

What advice does the Quaid give to the youth about the choice of career? 

The Quaid advises the youth not to run after the government jobs after the completion of their studies. They should turn their attention to other channels and avenues’ than government jobs. They should take advantage of the immense scope in technical education. They should also learn banking, commerce, trade and law etc. which provide so many opportunities. 

Compare and contrast the youth of today with ideal youth of Quaid-e-Azam as described in his speech

There is a great and a shocking difference between the youth of today and the ideal youth of Quaid-e-Azam. The youth of today does not keep himself aware of political, social and economic situations of the world while the ideal youth of the Quaid is always vigilant and keeps an eye on the events which are taking place in the country and in the world. The youth of today is ease loving and ignorant of the external and internal affairs of the state and its enemies but the youth of the Quaid is industrious and fair to himself, his parents and the country. The ideal youth of the Quaid develops a sound sense of discipline and _ solid academic background whereas the modern youth lacks these qualities. 

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