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The farmer and his three sons story in english with moral

Introduction : The story of the farmer and his sons teaches us the importance of unity . The farmer's three sons always fought with each other,…

Summary of choice of career class 11 notes kpk borad

C hoice of career class 11 summary in English According to the writer, choice of caree r is the most important decision of one’s life but it is equal…

A strange hen short story in English with moral lesson

Introduction : In the village lived a farmer who owned a strange hen that laid a golden egg every day. The farmer sold the golden eggs and becam…

The importance of family summary in English for class 11

The importance of family is written by Sam Keen . Here is the the summary of the importance of family you can read from this blog. The importa…

The hare and the tortoise short story with moral lesson

Introduction : The hare and the tortoise is a classic fable that tells the story of two animals in a jungle who decide to have a race. The hare is …

Pride hath a fall | A foolish stage | short story in English

Introduction :   A stag was once drinking water at a pool when he saw his reflection in the water. He was proud of his beautiful horns, but he was as…
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