Summary of choice of career class 11 notes kpk borad

Choice of career class 11 summary in English. Here is the summary of the lesson the choice of career for class 11 students.

Choice of career class 11 summary in English

Choice of career summary class 11

According to the writer, choice of career is the most important decision of one’s life but it is equally difficult. Most of us, except a few lucky ones, do not know what to do. Career should be chosen in the light of one’s self assessment, likes and dislikes, education, knowledge and skill, and the current demand of the career. 

The first step in the choice of career is self assessment or introspection. One has to see into oneself and choose the career on the basis of the skills required for a job. Moreover, the choice of career must be according to one’s likes and dislikes. Therefore one should try to understand one’s interests and motives and make a choice of career accordingly. 

If one likes children or reading, one should join education or library science. If one takes interest in helping people, one should opt medical profession. But for the choice of a career a person must also see whether he fulfills its requirements i.e. education, knowledge, skills and certificates. 

Layman should keep in mind the current demand for the career that he has chosen. In addition to that, potential outcomes and barriers should also be kept in mind for one’s final decision. Therefore, daydreaming about a career, setting unrealistic goals, and over-expectations should be avoided. One should be realist and practical in the choice of a career .

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