what you do is what you are summary in English

 What you do is what you are by Mcwhirter summary in English

In this article, the writer says that Americans give respect and define people on the basis of jobs they do. They value people according to the money they earn. While talking about people they tag the name of the job with their names such as doctor or teacher etc. They consider low income people as worthless. 

Jobless people are not recognized by society as having much value at all. The low paid people and some jobs are considered as just something. They use the word just in meaning of only by which they give the impression of degradation for the person.

 While talking about such people they say “she is just a housewife”, or “just a cab driver”, or “just a bag lady’. By the word just’ they mean that such and such a person is worthless. The just category in American society contains the present non-earning people also. 

But such a bent of mind and evaluation of people on the basis of jobs and earning is not acceptable to the: writer. According to him it is silly to evaluate people on the basis of their jobs or earning. 

The Americans should teach their children that quite apart from earning potential, the cattle breeder is much more respectable than the hire-hands. He suggests that some anthropologists should study the American system of awarding respect so that the jobs performed by different people could be valued properly. 

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